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Intercept Logistics Emerges Stronger After YRC Freight Bankruptcy

Elizabeth, NJ, March 4th , 2024 – Intercept Logistics, a leading provider of Last Mile

solutions in the NY/NJ Metro Market, today announces its resilience and adaptability in

the face of challenges, notably the recent bankruptcy of one of its largest clients, YRC

Freight. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, Intercept Logistics has navigated

through the turbulence with agility and strategic planning, emerging even stronger.

The bankruptcy of YRC Freight posed significant challenges to Intercept Logistics, as

the company was a key client with whom Intercept had a substantial partnership

servicing multiple terminals across all its brands. However, rather than succumbing to

the disruption, Intercept Logistics swiftly mobilized its resources and enacted

contingency plans to mitigate the impact on its operations and clients.

intercept logistics final mile delivery truck fleet

"Adversity often brings out the best in organizations, and our response to the YRC

Freight bankruptcy exemplifies our commitment to our clients and stakeholders," said

Bill Colbert, CEO of Intercept Logistics. "We recognized the importance of maintaining

seamless logistics operations despite the upheaval, and our team worked tirelessly to

ensure minimal disruption to our client's supply chains."

We are also thrilled to introduce our enhanced TMS and WMS software, which represents

a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to innovate and improve our services. "This

upgraded software reflects our commitment to providing our clients and carriers with

best-in-class solutions that streamline operations, enhance visibility and drive


The launch of the upgraded Trucking and Warehouse software underscores Intercept

Logistics' dedication to delivering exceptional value to its clients. By investing in

technology and innovation, Intercept Logistics continues to set new standards for

excellence in the logistics industry.

"We are immensely grateful for the understanding and cooperation of our clients

throughout this challenging period," added Mr. Colbert. "Their trust in our ability to

navigate through uncertainty has been instrumental in our success."

intercept logistics box truck final mile delivery new york new jersey

Moreover, Intercept Logistics used the experience as a learning opportunity, refining its

risk management strategies and reinforcing its commitment to diversification and

flexibility in client partnerships.

As Intercept Logistics emerges from the shadow of the YRC Freight bankruptcy, the

company is poised for continued growth and success. With a renewed focus on

innovation, customer service, and flexibility, Intercept Logistics remains at the forefront

of Last Mile Delivery, ready to tackle future challenges head-on.

For more information about Intercept Logistics and its services, please visit

Contact: Bill Colbert CEO Intercept Logistics (908) 440 0363


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